Storage Services

Protech Marine offers indoor and outdoor storage solutions for watercraft to our customers in Syracuse and the surrounding area.

Safe and Secure Storage for Boats and Personal Watercraft

Safe and Secure Boat Storage ServicesHow you store your vessel during the winter can have a huge impact! At Protech Marine, we make sure your craft is fully winterized and stored properly so it’s ready to hit the water next spring. We offer seasonal and long-term storage for boats and personal watercraft of all sizes. Protect your investment from the damage caused by the sun and harsh winter weather.

Interior Storage for Watercraft

Protech Marine offers 28,000 square feet of interior storage for winter and summer storage. Our facility accommodates vessels up to 36 feet in length. When you’re ready to enjoy your summer on the water or pack up for the winter, give us a call and we’ll make sure everything is all squared away!

Exterior Storage for Boats and Trailers

Our facility also includes 25 acres of exterior storage. This option is perfect for boat owners who need a secure, economical storage solution for boat trailers or vessels.

Aerial View of Protech Marine Facility 11Exterior parking for Aircraft

Wawasee Airport-4IN9 is owned by Protech Marine and is perfect to fly in to! Our grass strip accommodates light aircraft and helicopters alike. You can fly in, park your aircraft, and enjoy your time on our beautiful Northern Indiana lakes!

Call Protech Marine for Safe and Secure Storage

For all of your boating or flying needs, we have the space and security to protect your investment. Give us a call to see how we can make things easy for you!